Other than impacting the aesthetic appearance of facilities, a lack of bird removal or bird deterrents can result in serious public health concerns and serious building damage. While public health is cause for concern when it comes to appropriate bird control, it’s also important to note the damage birds may cause to the facility itself.
  • Material degradation: Bird droppings can accumulate and degrade the integrity of the building materials, such as concrete.
  • Roof decay. Accumulated bird excrement may allow for water penetration into buildings and result in roof decay. Bird excrement, feathers and other debris may damage or clog rain drainage systems over time, also leading to possible roof decay.
  • Aesthetic issues. Bird excrement poses an undeniable aesthetic issue for businesses. Because of the corrosive nature of bird droppings, it can quickly deface building finishes. Droppings can also damage park benches, statues, cars, ledges and entryways.
  • Slippery surfaces. If bird excrement is allowed to build up, it makes for slippery, unsafe footing on walkways. This puts employees and building occupants at risk, as well as the general public.
The more proactive you are about bird control, removal, or deterrent, the more likely you are to remain worry-free. Keep your building safe through an understanding of the impact birds may have and through the help of knowledgeable professionals.